Meet Kathleen Wainwright, the Founder of Dear Beautiful Brown Girl 

Dear Beautiful Brown Girl®️, is a Lifestyle Brand for Black Girls. We deliver innovative products to inspire a strong sense of self and cultural pride. We strive to encourage Black Girls to walk this earth with a sense of self so strong that it cannot be manipulated or demeaned by anyone. 

The mission of Dear Beautiful Brown Girl (DBBG) is to promote and celebrate images of people of color in a way that encourages positive self esteem and cultural acceptance. Through a variety of high quality print rich materials and literature, Dear Beautiful Brown Girl spreads positive messages and images using diverse characters, events, and materials that are relatable, lovable and meaningful. Our vision is to provide tools and resources that promote and encourage young girls of color to walk this earth with a sense of self so strong that it cannot be manipulated or demeaned by anyone. We have four core principles: 
  • Develop a strong sense of self in young girls through affirmations and positive images.
  • Infuse young girls of color with a culture of literacy rich experiences through quality works that celebrate diversity.
  • Establish and maintain healthy habits and routines to strengthen independence and personal success.
  • Provide platforms that encourage young girls to find and use their voice to affect change and build positive community relationships.


Our major initiatives include: 


Hello! My name is Kathleen Wainwright, owner and operator of Dear Beautiful Brown Girl®️. We are located in the Philadelphia area. Our focus is on educational workshops, events, activities and products that inspire, encourage and celebrate Beautiful Brown Girls.  With 20 years of teaching experience in the School District of Philadelphia, I have developed a strong passion for literacy instruction as well as strengthening self-esteem and leadership skills in our girls while helping to prepare them to be the next generation of influential leaders. I’ve been able to marry my passion as an educator, literacy specialist and creative to develop and nurture Dear Beautiful Brown Girl and the BeYOUtiful Brown Girl Project. There are many powerful, influential and inspirational women and groups doing exactly what I am doing. I am not the first and I am not the last, but like each and every one of these individuals and groups- I am necessary and needed in our community. We appreciate your encouragement and support- the “Sis I see you!” “Do that!” “I’m loving this” “ayeeeeeeeee!” messages - they are constant reminders that you see us and that our work is valued. I don’t have all of the answers but I have big ambition, vision and the ability to execute.