Marley, The Animal Lover

Posted by Kathleen Wainwright on

Marley is an animal lover at heart! She will take care of anything with fur or four legs. On weekends she enjoys working at the horse stables where she feeds the horses, cleans their dens and learns how to ride. Many describe Marley as fun and eclectic. She is quirky in her own way. She enjoys creating her own fashion style and doesn’t believe in following trends. She loves mixing patterns, the brighter the outfit, the better.


When she isn’t at the horse stables, she is spending time with her close friends and family. Marley enjoys listening to music, hanging with friends, taking care of her 2 cats and spending time with her younger sister, Cori. When Marley grows up she wants to be a veterinarian. Her favorite place to go on the weekends is Pet Smart – she can’t wait to work there when she becomes  a teenager.

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