BeYOU TV Live Chat with Jasiya “Jojo” Green

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Meet Jasiya “Jojo” Green, an Influential Brown Girl, Teen Author and Teenpreneur  

Jasiya "Jojo" Green is a 16 yo author, teenpreneur and beauty brand creator. She is the founder and owner of BeYou+T Cosmetics. She specializes in vegan lip gloss and lip care. She is also the host of  Jojo’s PersonaliTV .  Her heart is to help other girls like her affirm their beauty from within to grow their confidence. One way she does this is by growing her relationship with God. Jasiya wants to share this experience with other girls who want to do the same through her new 30-Day Devotional for Teen and Tween Girls, Shine From Within.

I had the opportunity to chat with Jasiya on the BeYOU TV Live Chat. She was full of energy and positivity, I really enjoyed our conversation. As a teenager, she is super dedicated to growing her brand and focused on developing her best self. What makes this even more amazing is that she wants to bring other girls her age along for the journey!  

Ever since Jasiya was a young girl, she shared that she always wanted to make a difference in her community. She started her own YouTube channel when she was only 9 years old. This was her online platform where her mission was to help kids and their parents explore the careers and set achievable goals to help curve the high school dropout rate. She followed up this venture with the launch of her beauty brand, BeYOU+T Cosmetics -where the tagline is "Empowering Girls to Shine from Within". Jasiya shared that her beauty brand is more than just non-toxic makeup and skincare products. She puts a major focus on self-care for teens and tweens. She especially does this with her newly released 30-Day Devotional, Shining From Within, by discussing important topic that young girls face. Not only does she highlight important scriptures for inspiration and motivation, she also stresses the importance of natural beauty and self care tips that can easily be accomplished at home. 

Jasiya shared that she finds what she does meaningful because she empowers girls to embrace their power from within. She's passionate about not getting caught up with the society's view on what beauty is  and encourages girls to love themselves the way they are - because real beauty comes from within.  When I asked Jasiya what advice would she give young ladies reading and/or listening who may feel discouraged or stuck, she said:  "Lean on Christ for direction. All things work together for the good of those who love the lord. So, when you feel stuck, God is preparing something big for you. Just wait on him while putting in the work."

You can watch the Live Chat with Jasiya below. Let me know in the comments how this chat has inspired you! 



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