Roslyn, The Jump Rope Queen

Posted by Kathleen Wainwright on

Roslyn, also known as Rozzi, is every kid’s best friend. She is super caring and kind and loves to make sure everyone smiles while in her presence. Her favorite pastime is jumping rope. She likes to call herself the “Jump Rope Queen”. She can out jump every kid on the school yard- and every girl on her block!  She loves the color purple. Everything from her favorite vest, her favorite chewing gum, and her favorite socks are purple. She says it makes her feel, “free”. You can find Rozzi hanging out with her besties at the park or fiddling with an old camera her Grandmother gave her. She dreams of being a photographer and keeps her favorite photographs in an old photo album. She keeps this album on a nightstand by her bed. If Rozzi had to pick a favorite subject, it would be science, because she loves learning about the earth and how to keep it healthy for future generations.


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